Let's Talk COVID Vaccines


The Johns Hopkins Institute for Vaccine Safety (IVS) was fortunate to receive contributions to this project from many partners. 

  • Daniel Salmon, PhD – Vaccinology & Vaccine Safety

    Janesse Brewer, MPA – Community Engagement

    Matthew Dudley, PhD – Vaccine Communication & Epidemiology

    Tina Proveaux – Vaccine Safety & Communication

    Angie Gust, PhD, MPH – Vaccine Acceptance (consultant)

    Peter Orton, PhD – Instructional Design (consultant)

    Michelle Goryn, MA – Project Management (consultant)

  • Amelia Jamison, MAA, MPH – Project Coordination

    Rajiv Rimal, PhD –  Behavioral Science

    Holly Schuh, PhD – Vaccine Epidemiology

    Steve Harvey, PhD Behavioral Sciences

    Matt Ahlert, MS, MBA Public Health Practice

  • Robert Breiman, MD – Infectious Diseases

    Walter Orenstein, MD – Vaccine Policy

    James Lavery, PhD – Qualitative Research & Stakeholder Engagement

  • Jana Shaw, MD, MPH, MS – Pediatric Infectious Disease & Immunology

  • Amanda Forr – Communications

  • Lee-Sien Kao – Behavioral Science

    Ric LaGrange, PhD – Behavioral Science

  • Robina Josiah Willock, PhD – Health Equity & Research Methodology

  • Michelle Cantu Dissemination

    Lilly Kan Dissemination

    Tori Decea Dissemination

  • Lucie Marisa Bucci, MA – Vaccine Communication

    Antonella Pucci, MA – Vaccine Communication

    Kate Tsubata – Video Production

  • Shaelyn Laurie – Survey Development

    Rikki Sargent, PhD – Social Psychology

  • Veronica Womack, PhD – Qualitative Research

  • Leo Weakland – Project Management

  • Jeongwon (Jeong) Yang, MA, MSc – Social Media Strategy